Lymphocyte Subset Panel 4

Lymphocyte Subset Panel 4

Assists in evaluating helper and suppressor cell immune status in immunodeficiency diseases such as AIDS.

Clinical Use:

-Determines immune status of patients with HIV infection

-Monitors anti-retroviral and immunosuppressive therapy

-Differential diagnosis of congenital and acquired immune deficiencies  


Absolute Lymphocytes, Percentage CD4, Absolute CD4, Percentage CD8, Absolute CD8, CD4/CD8 Ratio (calculated)

Lymphocyte Subset Panel 4


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  • WHAT IT TESTS: Measures CD4+ T cells (CD4) and CD8+ T cells (CD8) in the blood, as well as a calculated CD4/CD8 ratio.
  • WHY TAKE IT: Determine immune status of individuals living with HIV.