Healthcare Starts With The Fundamentals Of Diagnostic Blood Testing

Information about your body matters to your health. Our goal is to help you access that
information so you can make informed decisions. We wish to empower individuals by
giving them easy access to blood tests tailored to their unique needs.
Our mission is to help individuals take control of their own healthcare and ultimately
prevent or treat potential diseases early.
We believe health and wellness start by getting to know the real you from the inside out.

Customer Service Standards

We treat everybody here like a member but without membership fees. We work to be the lowest cost online providers of blood tests in the United States with the highest quality service and fast result delivery times.

Security and privacy

Your information, from ordering tests to receiving results, is kept confidential and secure. We follow extremely rigorous HIPAA guidelines. Your information will never be made public or sold.


We have over 2,300 affiliated patient service centers throughout the United States to do your blood tests. You can just show up with your lab order. No appointment is necessary.



We deliver customer service
that makes you feel safe and

Admitting that something’s wrong inside can be a tough first step, but we want you to feel safe and secure when it comes to trusting us with your health.


We honor and respect your privacy.

Your information from ordering tests to receiving results are kept confidential and secure. We follow extremely strict HIPAA guidelines and your information will never be sold or made public.


We’re on a mission to make taking care of your health affordable.

By removing costly trips to a PCP, you can dive straight into affordably-priced blood work that will reveal what’s going on inside your body and allow you to take control of your health.