Blood tests made
affordable. Know exactly what’s going on in your body without getting overcharged.
You can order a blood test anytime, anywhere you have access to the internet.



This is a great start to learn your essential health status. You will see exactly what your cholesterol numbers are along with specific tests for liver and kidney status along with immune function.

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Nutrient Specific


A blood panel that not only gives you your essential health status providing lipid profiles for cardiovascular health, liver function and immunity, it also provides vitamin and mineral levels for specific nutrient needs.

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Health Goals


Most popular package helping you understand many biomarkers. It includes a look at your heart health, blood chemistry, various electrolyte functions as well as liver health and diabetes risk. Provides vital information on vitamin and mineral status within body.

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Health & Wellness


More tests than you would ordinarily get at your usual physical at your doctor’s clinic. This package includes information about hormone balance and abnormalities as well as heart health and diabetes risk.

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Gains & Performance


A greater focus on inflammation and personal nutrition that helps link markers to Metabolic Syndrome risk as well as other potential disease risks.

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Ultimate Health & Performance


The most complete and advanced checkup for helping determine heart disease risk because of its profile tests and hormone tests (including stress hormones) with an additional focus on disease screening and essential nutritional needs.

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